Introduction to the Project

A Guide to Practice & Encyclopedia

The Yogācārabhūmi records the stages and states of practice of a yoga master (also known as a meditation or Chan master), and is also an encyclopedia for those seeking to refine their understanding of the spiritual life.

Digital Database Description

This research project, funded by the National Science and Technology Council from August 1, 1999 to July 31, 2002, has created an digital database of the Yogācārabhūmi and its divisions, different translations (three sūtras and two treatises), commentaries, Sanskrit texts, and Tibetan translations. Since 2016, Mr. Zhengnan Lin has donated designated funds to support the maintenance and expansion of this database.

Academic Application & Buddhist E-Learning

The creation of Yogācārabhūmi Database is conducive to academic applications and serves as a reference for spurring the establishment and application of e-Learning resources websites for Buddhist Texts.